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Oxymetholone (also known as Anadrol and Anadrol) is a powerful synthetic anabolic steroid developed by Syntex Pharmaceuticals in the 1960s. Originally Anadrol was developed as a medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia (anemia), as well as for promoting muscle growth in malnourished and weakened patients. Oxymetholone has been approved by the FDA for use in humans. Later, non-steroidal drugs were created to effectively treat anemia and osteoporosis. Anadrol’s popularity waned because of this, and in 1993 Syntex decided to stop producing the drug in the same way as many other manufacturers. However, oxymetholone has always remained in medicine, as new studies have shown Anadrol to be effective in treating HIV-infected patients.

Oxymetholone - solo course

Anadrol comes in 50mg tablets and is one of the most powerful steroids available, but the drug can cause some side effects that are common to all anabolic steroids. Since 2013, an oily solution of oxymetholone (50 mg/ml) has become common.

Anadrol is also known as oxymethane. It has many different names. But after all it’s okay to call it Oxymethalon. Among all pharmacology, this drug is considered one of the most powerful oral steroids.

Effects of the drug

This medicine is very quickly flooded, the second week is completely submerged, directly felt. The bomb is crazy. For some, this is an advantage, for example, on the day of the hands, where you will do a 20 kg barbell, you start doing it empty without weights, already close your hands somewhere on the 10th repetition.

Of course it floods very well but a definite plus for the security forces. Joint pain disappears, everything runs like clockwork. The drug is good, there are many rumors that it kills the liver, but all this, of course, is a fairy tale. It’s not that dangerous. And in the end, unlike Deca, you won’t have power issues, so that’s okay. Libido will be normal. It is also worth playing it safe and taking Anastrozole in a course, but for those who are prone to gynecomastia, you can buy it just in case.

Clomid will follow post cycle treatment. Tamoxifen can also be used, but Clomind is always best used as part of Oxymethalon.

How to take the solo course

So, it’s about the effects of the drug. The power increases very well. Especially if this is the first course with the drug. Also, the drug is addictive very quickly, even faster than methane. Literally 4-5 weeks and that’s all, the body already somehow ceases to perceive it. It doesn’t make sense for them to play for more than 6 weeks. It can be combined with Testosterone, with Deca, with Winstrol, but of course, it is sadomaso.

After Oxymetalone, of course, there is a sharp turn. 50% of the pages have been merged. The mass gained is fifty percent water. Yes, you will be great in the course. And after the course you will of course be impressed. The drug does not give dry muscle mass, it is filled with water.

There is a six-week course, it is recommended to take it with a slide. Because? A pill might work, maybe a half and a half, as half a pill might work for you. Everything must be done by feeling. If you feel it jumping, you can stop in the middle. You should be careful with this drug. Not only is it powerful, it also comes in 50mg tablets. The first week – half a tablet per day, the second week – one tablet per day, the third week – one and a half tablets per day, the fourth week – two tablets per day, the fifth week – one and a half tablets per day, and the sixth week – one tablet per day. Well, on Klomin post cycle therapy for a tablet for two weeks.

Oxymetholone - solo course

Course Results:

Those taking oxymetholone 50mg per day gained an average of 3.3kg in total weight over 12 weeks. Those who took 100 mg of the drug per day gained 4.2 kg. Subjects did not receive additional protein and did not exercise.

At the same time, not only the total mass has changed, but also the composition of the body. So the subjects not only gained weight but also lost fat especially in the abdominal area, so the increase in muscle tissue was even more pronounced. In the first group, the average loss of adipose tissue was 2.6 kg, in the second – 2.5 kg. Interesting fact, it was in the abdomen that representatives of the second group lost much more without training (1.7 kg vs. 2.2 kg).


  • Oxymetholone allows you to achieve significant increase in muscle mass. Moreover, these increases can even be achieved for those who do not train at all.
  • Oxymetholone helps to “burn” subcutaneous fat; The best results can be obtained from the abdominal area. So “oxy” can be used as a fat burner by men who have problems reducing belly fat.
  • Contrary to popular belief, oxymetholone has no significant effect on liver function.
Anadrol - Oxymetholone: drug description
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